Pistach.io: Reach influencers. Whisper your message.


You are an influencer.

When you blog, people listen. When you don’t like a product, share prices drop. You might speak at conferences and write books. You reach people. You are your own brand.

You have spent years building your reputation but reputation alone does not pay the rent. Now, you are looking for a way to monetize your blog or web site that enhances rather than tarnishes that reputation.

The last thing you want to do is fill your site with ads that annoy your loyal visitors and cheapen your image. And who has time to spend finding advertisers and negotiating rates?

You need a solution that just runs itself so you can concentrate on what you do best: writing, speaking, creating...

Welcome to Pistach.io: an exclusive ad network for people just like you.

Pistach.io has topical packs of web sites and blogs belonging to the top influencers in our industry so you will be in very good company. Each pack accepts a limited number of highly vetted advertisers and each site displays just one ad, by itself. The ads themselves are elegant and understated.

Pistach.io ads don’t shout their message; they whisper it.

Pistach.io is about to enter Beta with the Flash Pack, a group of top influencers from the Flash Platform.

To be alerted when Pistach.io launches, sign up at http://pistach.io.

If you feel that you belong in the Flash Pack, are interested in advertising on the Flash Pack, or have an idea for a new pack, email aral@pistach.io.