Speaking at Scotch on the Rocks

Scotch on the Rocks

You may be wondering why I'm speaking at a ColdFusion conference.

Three reasons:

Firstly, it's in Scotland -- Edinburgh to be precise -- and I'm loathe to pass up any chance to visit that lovely land.

Secondly, Scotch on the Rocks is branching out this year to embrace Flash and Flex.

And finally, they asked me very nicely during MAX Europe: "we know you're not the biggest fan of Coldfusion but we'd love to have you speak anyway!" How can you say no to that, really?

(And the reason I'm not the biggest fan of ColdFusion has nothing to do with the technology itself; it's because I personally don't see a widespread future for closed-source application servers in general when there are so many excellent open source alternatives available as to make them into commodities. That said, ColdFusion does have a lot going for it, especially in the enterprise market and for building internal systems. It was revolutionary when it was first released and I've dabbled in it myself in the past. It is very easy to learn and use. It just doesn't excite me like some other technologies do.)

As I mentioned earlier, Scotch on the Rocks is expanding this year and you can see this in the speaker line-up which includes (among others) Kai Koenig, Sean Corfield, Ben Forta from the CF side of things and Peter Elst and Neil Webb from the Flash world.

If you're into ColdFusion and live in Europe, don't miss this. Especially if you're also interested in RIAs, Flex, and the Flash Platform in general.

Tickets are currently available for £199 (early bird discount) until 29th February.