Singularity count down: secret deadline

What is Singularity

I've been teasing you for a little while now about Singularity.

What is it? A new Flash technology? A new RIA? A Web 2.0 site? What, oh what, could it be?

As I promised earlier, if you put up a What is Singularity? Badge on your web site, you're going to know earlier than everyone else.

And that time is approaching quickly!

In fact, I'm going to let those of you with badges in on the secret this weekend! (And here's a big, heart-felt thank-you to over 120 of you who have already put up the badge on your web sites!)

Those of you with badges are also going to get an exclusive little virtual thank-you gift from me. :)

So, if you haven't gotten round to it, now is your last chance to put a Singularity badge on your site and get in on the scoop!

I can't wait to let you guys in on this. It has truly been killing me to keep it secret. I'm very excited about Singularity and I hope that once you find out what we're cooking up, you will be too!