14 great Mac apps for $49 - only one day left on Mac Heist! (And me want NoteBook... yum!) :)


VectorDesigner, Snapz Pro X, Pixelmator, CSSEdit, AppZapper, Speed Download, 1password, CoverSutra, Cha-Ching, iStopMotion, Awaken, Tiki Magic Mini Golf, Wingnuts 2, and TaskPaper are the 14 applications you get for $49 in this year's Mac Heist. And there's just over 1 day left to take advantage of it.

I just put in my order (through your link, Relly, so I hope you get NoteBook!)

I already have a couple of the apps but you can assign the ones you have to someone else at checkout -- in this case, Stephanie's going to have a nice surprise when she wakes up tomorrow! :)

And, if you buy the bundle using the links on my post, I might just get a cool app called NoteBook also (and LaunchBar, but I'm way too much a QuickSilver addict!)

Check out Mac Heist.

Update: Thanks, guys and gals! Enough of you bought it through the night that NoteBook was unlocked for me when I woke up this morning... can't wait to play with it. :)