iPhone 1.1.3 firmware jailbroken, to be released next month

I just read on Digg that the 1.1.3 firmware for the iPhone has been jailbroken. The team that did it, however, is not releasing it until Apple's iPhone SDK is out so that Apple doesn't patch it.

This means you have to wait until sometime in February before you can run 1.1.3 on a hacked iPhone.

Update: Marcus clarified in the comments that the firmware has been jailbroken and that this is not an unlock. So you can run homebrew apps on it but you won't be able to make phone calls, etc., with the 1.1.3 firmware until the phone is unlocked. (Thanks, Marcus!)

The video here shows the 1.1.3 firmware in use on a jailbroken iPhone.

I'm still on the initial firmware on my hacked iPhone. It was just too much trouble to upgrade/rehack/risk bricking the phone/etc. I will probably upgrade to this when it's released, though, since the first version of the firmware really does suck big time.