My kind of bug


I'm definitely not a hardware hacker. Pulling apart the innards of a Chumby does not excite me. I don't read Make. But BUG by Bug Labs looks like something I'd love to get my hands on.

CNET sums up the BUG perfectly as "The Lego of Gadgets".

You have a base BUG (called -- surprise, surprise -- BUGbase) that is essentially a tiny ARM-based computer. To this, you plug in hardware modules. The modules plug in like Lego bricks. There's no soldering or messing with wires (i.e., all that stuff that hardware hackers love and I don't get!) Available modules include GPS, Digital Camera/Video, a touch-sensitive color LCD screen (what, no multi-touch? Apple you have truly spoiled me!) There's also an accelerometer and motion sensor module. The BUGbase and available modules are currently on sale for early adopters.

The early-adopter BUGbase differs from the version that will ship later in the year in that it does not have WiFi and its UI features a joystick-based navigation scheme as opposed to a panel-based button system.

You program the BUG using Java and the software stack is completely open source.

How cool would it be to have Flash on this thing? Very, very cool. Can you imagine creating your own device and then creating the UI via Flash? And having it interface with the various modules natively (e.g., camera/video support, GPS/motion sensor/accelerometer access via a socket server, etc.) Now that would truly rock!

Via Mashable.