Apple MacBook Air: Are you getting one?

Macbook Air

OK, so the cat's out of the bag: there's a new MacBook in town. The MacBook Air is light, it's got a multi-touch trackpad and a full-size backlit keyboard.

The US price for the base config (1.6GHz) is $1,799. And the 1.8GHz model with 64GB SSD will set you back a whopping $3,098.

In the UK, we're going to have to pay £1,199 ($2,359.51) for the 1.6GHz config and £2,028.00 ($3,990.91) for the 1.8GHz model (thanks, Apple! Well, I guess we should thank our lucky stars that we're not paying double!)

The MacBook Air looks like a beauty and weighs 3lbs. And, according to Apple, it's the thinnest notebook ever.

So, what do you guys think of this baby? The Apple Store has reopened... are you going to splurge? Is it too expensive? Are you happy with the specs?

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Update: WTF? It doesn't have a user-replaceable battery? Were they high when they designed this? I mean, I don't care how good it looks or how long the battery is purported to last, I definitely wouldn't buy a laptop where I can't have a spare battery. The way batteries lose their charge these days (no doubt thanks to how hot Macs run), that 5 hours will start to taper off after the first few months. And sending your laptop in to have the battery replaced and not being without it for several days? No way!

I guess Apple expects people to have this as a second laptop or a companion to a desktop. There's no way I'd make it my workhorse. As much as I'd love to, the lack of replaceable battery is a deal-breaker.