SWX Contest entries published!

The 19 20 22 entries that we received for the SWX Contest have now been published on the SWX Contest page for public viewing.

Due to the manageable number of entries, we're going to forego the first round of public voting (although you are welcome to leave comments on the entries) and allow our outstanding panel of judges to pick the winners from the Web, API, and Mobile categories in a single round of voting.

We received 8 9 10 entries in the web category, 3 4 in the mobile category, and we now have 8 new SWX APIs thanks to the contest, ranging from a generic XML to SWX parser called SWXml to APIs for popular services such as Wordpress, Backpack, Technorati, Kuler, and Verisign/Paypal Payments Pro.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the contestants for their hard work. Here's wishing all of you the best of luck!

The winners will be announced on December 24th, 2007.

Also, a big thank you to our sponsors: Adobe UK, Lynda.com, Burak Kalayci (ASV), Friends of ED, and yours truly (Nabaztag bunnies and iPod Touches).

View the SWX Contest entries.

Update: I messed up and forgot to add Julio Rodriguez's entry to the Web category this morning. I've now updated the page with his entry and informed the judges. Thanks for getting in touch with me Julio and apologies for the initial omission.

Update: John Hattan's entries in the Web and Mobile categories also somehow ended up in the black hole of my email. Sorry, John, I've added them to the contest page and informed the judges now.