SWX PHP AVM2/Flash 9: Status update

I know a lot of your are anxiously awaiting the AVM2/Flash 9 version of SWX PHP so you can start using SWX RPC in your ActionScript 3 and Flex 2/3 projects. I want to update you on where we are on that front.

I'm excited to announce that we have three excellent developers who are currently involved in writing the Flash 9 assembler for SWX and I'd like to introduce you to them.

Richard Lord is an ActionScript, PHP, and all-things-binary guru who by day creates cool Flash games with his company Big Room in London. I met Richard at Flash on the Beach this year and he graciously agreed to help out with the project. Richard's just completed some of the key methods on the SWX 9 assembler and his code is going to make it _much_ easier for us to move on with the rest of it.

Also on the project are two of our newest members, Chris Sperry and Tom Kennett from FlexibleFactory here in Brighton. This uber-geek duo are known as the Flash A-Team here -- because if you have a Flash problem that no one else can solve... well, you get the idea. In their spare time they do things like port Sinclair Spectrum emulators to Flash. And now, they're on board with the Flash 9 version of SWX. Yay!

So things have kicked off and we're working on it. I'll update you guys again when we have more to share.