It's official: What people are really searching for is sex, not food, water, or shelter!

Google Trends Gadget verifies Maslow

I downloaded the new Google Gadgets for Mac today (finally, a third party gadget engine does it right -- they integrate with Dashboard so you don't have to have two sets of competing gadget paradigms) and tried out the Trends gadget that lets you compare Google search trends.

To make Maslow proud, I typed in sex, food, water, and shelter. And lo and behold, people are searching for sex online (whodathoughtit, eh?) Although, interestingly, the media appears to be more interested in water! (Water sells?)

Anyway, so Google Gadgets is a mixed bag. Some of the widgets (like the Google Earth widget) would not install and others didn't work properly (the weather widget didn't display it's preference panel, for example. The ones that do, work well though. Integrating it with Dashboard was a stroke of genius. Good one, Google!