3D Papervision count-down timer. On fire! With particles!

3D timer

(Click the movie and press spacebar to restart the counter if you don't see it.)

Seb asked me to make him a countdown timer for his 15 minute talk yesterday. He asked for something simple. So I made one. But wouldn't it be nice if I used Papervision3D to make it 3D? So, with a bit of John's code, it was. But if it's 3D, it should spin. So it did. But these days, 3D isn't 3D unless... it's on fire! So, with Grant's fire component, it was!

That's the version I surprised Seb with before his talk.

This morning though, I thought, it just isn't Flash these days if it doesn't have particles. So I added Seb's particle code to it so that the lighter areas emit sparkles. And I upped the number of planes to five and offset them on the z axis to create a nicer illusion of depth (the original was a single plane but ran well at 30fps, fullscreen on the 800x600 projector).

So I took bits of Seb, John, and Grant, and made a 3D spinning count-down timer... on fire... with particles!

It runs like a dog but hey, it runs. (And if I find out how to extrude a plane in PV3D it will run much faster!)

PS. I set the duration on here to 30 seconds so that you can see it go *poof* at the end. Click on the movie and press spacebar to reset the counter if you see an empty black space as the timer may have run out.