FlashBrighton's Big Day Out rocked!

Big ups to Seb, Peter and the other volunteers from FlashBrighton who organized FlashBrighton's Big Day Out yesterday: it was a resounding success (and I hope the first of many more). Thanks also to Adobe, Influxis, and the other sponsors.

My favorite bit (apart from surprising Seb with my count-down timer -- more on that later) was the 30 minute snowstorm hackathon by Dom (who got 15 minutes to draw a shivering man) and Seb (who got 15 minutes to make a particle-based 3D snow storm in AS3 -- while writing all his own import statements in the Flash IDE!)

And I had a great time presenting my session, Beyond the Buttons. So much so that I think I'll develop it further and present it at some of the conferences in 2008.