FlashBrighton's Big Day Out: Beyond the buttons

Flash Brighton Big Day Out

Here's quick update on the session I'm presenting at FlashBrighton's Big Day Out (the event's now sold out) this Saturday. The talk is titled Beyond the Buttons:

Learning new programming languages, development tools, and technologies is a fun (and essential) part of what we do but they are not ends in and of themselves. IDEs like Flash and Flex Builder, languages like ActionScript 3, and technologies like AIR are merely tools, like the painter's brushes, easels, and paints, the animator's lightbox, and the photographer's camera. In this session, Aral looks beyond the tools to what you can make with them. You will not learn any new techniques or programming tricks but instead stock up on ideas and inspiration to spark your own creative endeavors.

Looking forward to seeing some of you this weekend!