Introducing SWXml: XML to SWX parser


SWXml by Florian Plag has me really excited! SWXml is a SWX API that provides a generic XML to SWX parser that can be used over SWX RPC. You can see examples, read the documentation, and download SWXml from the see the SWXml home page.

I've also added SWXml to the Public SWX Gateway so you can start using it in your applications today. Test out SWXml now using the SWX Service Explorer.

What does SWXml mean to you? It means that you can load any XML data set from the web into Flash as native objects, without _any_ client-side parsing.

You can, for example, consume RSS feeds or XML results from REST API calls.

The SWXml API has just one method, called parseXML. The parseXML method, in turn, takes just one argument: the url of an XML data source to parse. The method loads, parses, and returns the requested XML in SWX format (i.e., as native Flash objects, wrapped in a SWF) Yummy!

Florian has entered SWXml into the SWX contest in the APIs category, so there's going to be some great competition. If you haven't started on your own entry (the categories are web, mobile, and APIs), what are you waiting for? Get cracking!

For more information, documentation, and examples, and to download the package, see the SWXml home page.

Update: Florian has now recorded a screencast showing you how to use SWXml (2 min 48 sec, without sound).