Using EDGE on T-Mobile UK with (a hacked) iPhone

Hey Flasharoos, I'm back in beautiful Brighton and finally enjoying the comforts of home after almost four weeks away. It's great to be back. Even bumped into Andy today!

So, on to news about my iPhone: I've got it working with EDGE on T-Mobile UK! Yay!

Aaron, in the comments to my Unlocking the iPhone for T-Mobile UK pointed me to Ross Barkman's GPRS Info Page with a note that he got his iPhone to connect via EDGE by using the settings on that page. Lo and behold, it doth truly worketh!

So, if you're on T-Mobile UK and want to use EDGE, go to Settings -> General -> Network -> EDGE and enter the following details:

APN: general.t-mobile.ukUsername: <strong>user</strong>
Password: user

That's it! It should really work on any network via the settings on Ross Barkman's site but I've only tested it on T-Mobile UK.

Yay! I've got a phone that does mobile data again! :)

Now what remains to be seen is whether this will be included in my unlimited data plan or whether I'll be charged extra for it (I'm assuming it will be included!) Thanks, Aaron, for the tip!