Home, sweet home, here I come! :)

I am at Chicago O'Hare airport, waiting to board my flight back to the UK for a week of rest and working on Flash 9 support for SWX.

I enjoyed MAX Chicago. It was definitely a different type of conference to the smaller, community conferences that I'm used to (heck, it was _huge_ -- you could have _driven_ in the venue) but I think that Ted did a heck of a job in organizing it. The sneak peeks session alone was worth the trip! (And not only because we got to see Mike D. as a Blues Brother.)

It seems that I've accumulated several gigabytes of video footage and photographs from FlashForward, FlashForum Konferenz, and MAX, and I will be putting these up on Flickr and (once I've edited them) YouTube, in the coming days before kicking off on the second part of my tour.

Also, I don't think I'm going to do MAX Japan. I haven't heard back from anyone regarding it since my original conversation with Adobe and, as much as I really want to see Japan, I'm not going to push it as all this traveling is taking a toll and I do want to spend time in Brighton and work further on SWX.

Meeting so many of you who are excited about and either using or looking into using SWX has re-ignited my desire to make SWX even better. Flash 9 support is the next big thing, as well as orchestrating the various SWX RPC implementations and publishing those Internet Drafts.

I was especially stoked by the number of Adobe engineers who came up to talk to me about SWX during MAX. It's great to know that the Flash and Flash Lite teams are aware of SWX (and, from what I've heard, think it's pretty darn cool!) In fact, here's a tidbit of juicy gossip: A little bird told me that they were considering calling the cached components in Flex SWX but didn't because they didn't want to conflict with the SWX project. Thanks guys! I really appreciate the gesture! :)

Here's hoping that the kid at the departure gate who has been screaming his head off and crying, non-stop, for the past hour screams himself to sleep or else eight hours of this and I may just lose my sanity!

Oh yes, and before I forget, swxformat.org is now on its own dedicated server (it was previously sharing one with my blog). As you might have guessed, use of the pubic gateway is increasing and I'm steadfast in my dedication to scaling it as necessary. Since SWX RPC is stateless, scaling the public gateway is as simple as adding new servers and load balancing.

So, Flasharoos, my next update will hopefully be from my cozy little Brighton (I can't believe how much I miss it -- homesickness is a new feeling for me -- but I do love that town, my wonderful friends there, and, of course, can't wait to be back with Stephanie.)

Till then, keep safe, and keep Flashin' :)