Resetting PrimalScript's preferences

I ran into a problem with PrimalScript recently when I closed the Nexus pane by dragging the bar all the way to the left of the screen. PrimalScript refused to show the pane again, regardless of how much I tried to coax it to through the Options... settings, etc. Thus, fearing my trusty Nexus pane lost, I embarked on my quest to have this useful featured returned to me!

After much digging around, the only way I found to reset the preferences in PrimalScript was to take the radical step of deleting the registry keys for it in HKEY_USERS\your_user_folder\Software\SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. Since I don't have any other Sapien products, I deleted this whole folder and restarted PrimalScript. That appears to have done the trick!

Hopefully this will save someone else a little hair :)