Flickr pictures from Flashforward

I wasn't able to put up my vlog entry from last night as YouTube has a (ridiculous) 10 minute limit on videos and iMovie '08 doesn't automatically split your video into 10-minute parts.

So I'm exporting it now (very s-l-o-w-l-y, it appears) for upload to Viddler.

In the meanwhile, check out my Flickr pictures from FlashForward Boston.

I'll get yesterday's vlog entry up ASAP and I'm going to be covering the keynote and shooting interviews with other speakers during the day. Of course, right after lunch at 1.30pm in the Grand Ballroom, Salon F, there's my session titled Let's Talk About SWX, Baby! (which is listed as Rediscovering Fun in the printed program) on SWX, SWX RPC and SWX PHP (with a sneak peak at Jed Hurt's new SWX Ruby alpha!)

Remember, if you see me around, come say hello and ask for a SWX Moo card and sticker! :)