SWX PHP and SWX ActionScript Library Release Candidate 1 Released

I just released Release Candidate 1 of SWX PHP and the SWX ActionScript Library over at swxformat.org. You can download them on the SWX download page.

The newly-released components include:

Along with this release, there are three new SWX APIs for Flickr, Jaiku, and Numpa (Twitter in Netherlands). The new SWX Flickr API is the easiest way to create Flickr-based mashups in Flash and provides a very simple way to upload photos to Flickr too. The Jaiku and Numpa APIs come courtesy of Folkert Hielema.

You can explore and test all of the SWX APIs by using the SWX Service Explorer.

For a detailed description of the release, please see the SWX PHP RC1 announcement on swxformat.org.