SWX goes all sticky with Moo!

Swx moo Stickers

I just received my first two sets of Moo stickers for SWX and they're lovely! :)

If you want your own SWX Moo stickers, you can make some by uploading the JPEG below using the Moo sticker creator.

SWX Moo Sticker

Also, here is the original SWX Moo sticker Photoshop file (.zip, 256KB) that you can use as a general Moo sticker template for your own Moo stickers (there isn't one available on Moo's site at the moment.) It contains a 2mm bleed on all sides which you can see if you enable the guides.

If you want some SWX Moo stickers (and a SWX moo card or two) and you don't want to print your own, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the following address and I'll send you some:

SWX me up, Aral!
14 Brighton Place
Brighton, BN1 1HJ
United Kingdom.

(Or just come up and say hello to me if you see me around at a conference or other community event.)