New SWX Tutorial: How to get the list of 100 most recent Flickr photos into Flash with SWX RPC.

Swx Flickr Tutorial Moo Card

What do you mean, "where's the tutorial?" It's in the photo of my new SWX Moo card, above! :)

I just received the new batch of Moo cards that show you how easy SWX is to use. And just how easy is that? So easy that the instructions fit onto a Moo card, of course! 'Nuff said.

If you want to create your own SWX Moo cards using the Moo card creator, upload the SWX Moo Card JPEG (175KB) for the front of the card and use the following code for the back:

// Open
loader.serviceClass = "Flickr";
loader.method = "swxPhotosGetRecent";
loader.debug = true;
↪ /php/swx.php", "GET");

Update: In the latest set of cards, I've changed the back a bit. I've removed the CC logo to make room for a bit more text (for better formatting) and made all lines except the first one boldface as using the continuation arrow (RIGHTWARDS ARROW WITH HOOK in the Character Palette on OS X) makes the last line boldface in any case. Note that the text above will not fit if you use the CC logo.

If you want a couple of SWX Moo cards (and some SWX Moo stickers) and don't want to print them yourself, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the following address:

SWX me up, Aral!
14 Brighton Place
Brighton, BN1 1HJ
United Kingdom.

(Or just come up and say hello to me if you see me around at a conference or other community event.)

PS. I'm really happy with how the cards turned out but, unfortunately, there's a bug in Moo's card creator that resulted in the last line of code coming out in boldface when it shouldn't have. I'm going to tell them about it now. I submitted bug reports for this and another issue I encountered and apparently they are both known issues. I hope that Moo addresses this issue, at least, as it affects the end result quite substantially.