SWX RPC is so simple, it fits onto a QR Code!

Swx Flickr Recent Photos qr Code

What's this? It's a QR Code that contains all the ActionScript you need to get the most recent 100 photos from Flickr into Flash using SWX RPC.

Check it out if you have a QR Code reader (Nokia N95s, for example, come with one.) Or, you can download the excellent Kaywa reader for your phone to try it out.

For those of you without QR Code readers, the code is below:

loader.debug = true;
loader.loadMovie("http://swxformat.org/php/swx.php", "GET");

If you want to test this, open the SWX Data Analyzer in a browser window (the loaded data will display there because debug mode is set to true.) Create a movie clip called loader in a new FLA in Flash and add the code above to your FLA and test the movie.

And this, incidentally, also happens to fit on a Moo card (and I'm getting new ones printed as we speak!) Ask me for one if you bump into me somewhere! :)

So tell me, can remote procedure calls get any simpler? :)

Read more about SWX at swxformat.org or watch the SWX PHP MAMP Bundle screencast.