Flash Myths and Misinformation

There have always been myths and misinformation about Flash. Five years ago, when we were at the height of the age of the Skip Intro, this was perhaps understandable. But it is discouraging to hear the same misinformation being regurgitated over and over even today and it's difficult to find the time to keep writing the same responses to the same tired myths. (For an example, see this uninformed comment on a recent post at WASP, and read my response to it.)

So let's do something about it, shall we?

Here's a simple template:

<strong>Myth:</strong> Text.

<strong>Fact:</strong> Text.

Copy this into the comments and dispel a Flash myth today.

Let's make this post into a comprehensive list of Flash myths and facts that we can simply point people to in the future. Let the myth-bustin' begin! :)